Summer 2022 Skill Center Program Begins May 2nd!

Summer 2022 Skill Center Program Begins May 2nd!

We are incredibly excited for the season ahead and we are looking forward to hosting over 500+ players in our Skill Centre program. 

Below you will find some very important information, including the schedule that you should be aware of.


The season will begin the first week of May (Monday, May 2nd being the first session). Due to our higher registration numbers, we had to adjust some of the schedules as you may have seen on the website to accommodate everyone. All these schedules will be available on Teamsnap so you could view them. Please see the updated schedule for our May Pre-season below. Please note that this schedule is only for the month of May and is subject to change for the summer months.

Boys Skill Centre U7/8

  • Wednesdays @ Weir Field:  6:00 pm → 7:00 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Thursdays @ Weir Field: 6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #2 Only)

Boys Skill Centre U9

  • Tuesdays @ Weir Field:  6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Thursdays @ Weir Field: 6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #2 Only)

Boys Skill Centre U10 & U11

  • Mondays @ Weir: 6 pm → 7:30 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Saturdays @ Weir Field: 9 am → 10:30 am (Option #2 Only)

Girls Skill Centre U7/8

  • Mondays @ CPA: 6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Thursdays @ Weir Field: 6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #2 Only)

Girls Skill Centre U9

  • Mondays @ CPA: 6 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Thursdays @ Weir Field: 6 → 7:15 pm (Option #2 Only) 

Girls Skill Centre U10 & U11

  • Mondays @ CPA: 6:00 pm → 7:15 pm (Option #1 & Option #2)
  • Saturdays @ Weir Field: 9am → 10:30 am (Option #2 Only)


You can also find this updated schedule on our website underneath "Programs" under the "Skill Centre" program.


The full schedule for the summer will be released once we add everyone to TeamSnap which will be happening this week. You will all get an invite to TeamSnap if you are registered in our system which will show up in your email inbox. If you have not already downloaded the TeamSnap APP, you could do so on your phone or other devices. Please ensure that you 'accept' the invite or else you will not receive notifications/communications. 


Training Kits:

We received a few questions regarding training kits for the Skill Centre program. If you don't have a kit yet, we are still waiting on our shipment from Inaria and hope to receive it very soon. In the meantime, please wear any black or navy athletic wear you may have as we understand the delay in the shipment has impacted the ability to purchase training kits. An email will be sent out to everyone registered once that shipment comes in so you can pick up the kit at our office!


As a reminder:

U7/8/9 - Only Training Kits are required (navy socks, shorts & top)

U10/11 - Training kits and game kits are required. (navy socks/shorts/top & red/navy shirt/socks)


Skill Centre Meeting

We will be hosting a Skill Centre 'Meet and Greet' on Sunday, May 8th from 6:00-7:00pm @ CPA High School Auditorium. At this meeting, you will get to meet the staff, have a better understanding of who we are as a club and have an idea of the training curriculum for the summer. Please RSVP at the link below if you plan to attend. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. We are so excited to get the program running and can't wait to see the kids playing again!

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