Suburban FC Welcomes Beaverbank and Young Kempt Team as Club Partners

Suburban FC Welcomes Beaverbank and Young Kempt Team as Club Partners

Suburban FC is happy to announce our new partnership with Beaverbank & Young Kempt Physio. This partnership will ensure that all Suburban FC players have the medial / physical support they need to perform on the pitch! Please see the letter below from our new partners!:



We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you know how we can provide exceptional care to your athletes while also providing the communication necessary to keep them moving forward in their athletics journey and participation in soccer.


We are a locally owned and independently operated clinic with locations in Halifax, Lower Sackville and Upper Tantallon. This means we can accommodate your needs in 3 corners of HRM. Our family of clinics is almost 30 years old. We have 14 physiotherapists and one dedicated athletic therapist on staff to ensure you can be seen in a timely manner by very experienced professionals with specific training in movement and injury management.


We have a family physician and an orthopaedic surgeon on our Suburban Rehab team. This well-rounded group is here to see you through everything from simple sprains and strains to more complex injuries that may require surgery. Our ability to communicate quickly with the physicians on our team means that we can have serious injuries seen in a timelier manner when appropriate to do so. This limits the delays often seen following a complex injury.


Our pledge to you is to help you navigate and avoid injuries by providing injury prevention strategies, education and strength training. In the unfortunate occurrence of an injury, we will help your athletes remain active and continue to participate in sport at a safe level with direct guidance through their recovery. 

Our philosophy is to keep athletes active at a high level while recovering from injury, to ensure their full return is smoother and easier. We also place an emphasis on communication with the coaching team and parents. We encourage parents to attend physiotherapy sessions when they wish, but we know you are busy. We are happy to communicate with the coaching staff, so you don’t have to.


We feel that strength training and injury prevention is essential to an athlete’s longevity in sport. To support this, we are available for one-on-one injury prevention sessions in the clinic or at our gym location. These sessions will provide individualised programming to address an athlete’s specific weaknesses. We have a strong athletics background and a wonderful staff dedicated to injury prevention and rehabilitation. We have access to a large fitness facility outside our clinic that is ideal for one-on-one sessions with our therapists.

Rehabilitation of your athletes should be fun, focussed and directly aligned with keeping them connected to the game. We have the space, the tools and the knowledge to do that. 


Please connect with our website, Instagram page and Facebook page to find out specific information on Athletic Therapy, our advanced training (CAMPT education) in assessment and injury management as well as our involvement in the fitness community in HRM through Ironstone Strength and Conditioning. We work with many local teams such as ultimate frisbee, Sackville high football, Citadel High Football, various running clubs, CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting athletes. We are very excited to add you to our family of sports.


We look forward to working with Suburban staff and families to provide you with the best possible rehab/prehab experience.


The Beaverbank and Young Kempt Team

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