COVID-19 Protocol

Suburban FC
COVID 19 Protocol

With the rising case numbers, the emergence of community spread and the increase in numbers allowed on the field for training and games, we want to reiterate the polices of the Club with regard to COVID 19.

All levels from mini up to and including our AAA level teams.

  1. Before proceeding onto the field All players, coaches, staff and managers MUST complete the online COVID 19 questionnaire.  

    1. This is available for completion on the morning of games/practice and should be filled in prior to leaving for the facility.  

    2. While the form can be completed at the field this should be the exception and not the norm.  The staff and coaches are trying to get sessions started and should not be spending time helping out individuals and delaying practice for the rest of the players. 

    3. The “TeamSnap” app is US based and therefore will give a fail if you answer “yes” to showing a single symptom.  The Club use the local health authority guidelines which state “if you are showing two or more symptoms” you should stay at home.  

  2. When entering and leaving the facility ALL players, coaches, staff and managers MUST wear a mask.

  3. ALL players, coaches, and managers must abide by the rules of the facility and listen to the direction that is given by the club staff.

Senior teams, Co-ed, Men’s and Women’s

  1. These teams are to follow the protocol as laid down by the leagues they play in.  

The Club will now enforce a “Zero Tolerance” approach to these policies.  If the above policies are not adhered to, the player will not be allowed to enter the field of play.  With that in mind if you drop your player off, please remain in the immediate vicinity until at least 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. As a Club if we are seen to be violating these policies we can be suspended from play and practice, and run the risk of complete expulsion from all soccer related activities.    

We are a family and we all have our part to play for our teammates, our Club, our communities and our province.  It is the intention of SNS that we will open up to league play starting in January of 2021 but that is entirely dependent on how we manage the next six weeks.


Keith Toon

Director of Risk Management & Player Safety

Suburban FC